Design 4

Pictographs of food and ingredients by students of Design 4

According to Nigel Holmes, “One way we make information graphics is by using little pictograms as building blocks for entire illustrations. We each create our own personal visual language–little bits that we recycle again and again…
…I’m on the fence about everyone adopting one universal visual symbol language, because that suggests that we would all use the same icons (like an alphabet), and while I want people all over the world to understand what I have drawn, I’m not yet ready to give up personal style for a committee-accepted set of pictograms.”

Students in Design 4 have been creating their own unique pictographs for a project.  Here are some examples of some thoughtful and considered approaches to illustrative icons used for a project about food and consumption.

By Patricia Schoenbach

By Cina Rosen

By Kelsey Conophy

By Sarah Lallemand

Pictographing Ingredients By Cheryl Bear

By Ashley Lathon-Kimbrough

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This entry was posted on 2012 March 6 by in Food, Icon, Illustration.

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This blog is for inspiration and education related to the Parsons Design 4 Information Design and Visualization course taught by Andrew Robinson. The objectives of this class are to help students in the Strategic Design Studies program to learn how to create effective information design as a tool for communication. Beauty in form and function, which communicates ideas effectively, is our goal.
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